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Örnek Erasmus+/Erasmus+Staj Hareketliliği sınavı

17 Mayıs 2022 Salı günü saat 10.00'da Yabancı Diller Yüksekokulunda uygulanacak olan Erasmus+Staj Hareketliliği Sınavı için örnek sorulardır. Adaylara başarılar dileriz.


1-15 Choose the correct answer for each question.

1. The trouble with tennis as a hobby is that it _______ too much of one’s time.

A) turns over            

B) looks for      

C) gives up            

D) puts out               

E) takes up

2. Ford Motor Company was _______ by Henry Ford in 1903 and now it is the world's third-largest automaker.

A) focused

B) infected

C) inserted    

D) established

E) wrecked

3. As she grew older, it became _______ hard for her to do the households.

A) eventually           

B) increasingly   

C) doubtfully          

D) adequately          

E) reluctantly

4. An indirect _______ of winning the photographic competition is the offer of more work.

A) response

B) benefit

C) appreciation

D) disadvantage

E) problem


5. Today, after a decade of isolation and a devastating war, Iraq faces the _______ of reconstructing its economy.

A) task

B) jeopardy

C) effort

D) failure

E) success

6. Brandon doesn't know what happened to his bag, but he supposes that it _______

A) must have stolen   

B) has been stealing   

C) could have been stolen   

D) will have been stolen

E) should have stolen

7. If I asked Sally how she liked her subjects at university, she answered sadly that_______ were too difficult for _______.

A) them / itself  

B) they / her   

C) their / she 

D) themselves / hers   

E) theirs / herself

8. _______ how hard she tried, her boss always complained about her work.

A) No matter    

B) As much as   

C) Nonetheless   

D) Although   

E) As though





9. Garry consistently refused to take his medicine, _______ his illness has gotten worse.

A) no matter   

B) on the other hand   

C) unless   

D) so   

E) traditionally

10. _______ all of the planets in the Solar System rotate counter-clockwise, Venus turns clockwise.

A) Since

B) Once

C) While

D) If

E) As

11. In April 2014, the government _______ that all coal mines _______ on safety grounds by the end of 2015.

A) had announced / should be closed

B) announces / will close

C) has announced / was closed

D) was announcing / is closing

E) announced / would be closed

12. A tiger economy is a term _______ to describe a national economy that _______ a period of unanticipated and rapid growth.

A) uses / experienced

B) used / experiences

C) being used / will experience

D) using / is experiencing

E) to use/to experience

13. Research on anti-ageing drugs focuses _______ drugs that can slow or prevent the ageing process and prevent or cure the so-called diseases _______ ageing like cancer and diabetes.

A) with /in

B) above/for

C) in/by

D) on/of

E) to/over

14. A prehistoric archaeologist _______ ancient human civilizations that _______ before the presence of written records.

A) has studied / exists

B) was studying / had existed

C) studied / have existed

D) studies / existed

E) had studied / is existing

15. A tablet PC _______ generality the lightest form of computer and _______ easily without requiring a lot of extra space or an extra piece of luggage.

A) has been / may be stored

B) was / should be stored

C) will be / would store

D) had been / might be stored

E) is/can store

16-20 Fill in the blanks with the correct answer.

Skyscrapers today are carefully designed (16) ---- they will survive every kind of disaster: earthquakes, fires, strong winds, and (17) ---- colliding aeroplanes. Before a skyscraper is ever built, careful (18) ----- is given to its foundation. A skyscraper can be in a lot of trouble (19) ---- a strong foundation. That's why the underground foundation of a skyscraper may take as long to create as the building (20) ----.


16.  A) whenever              B) so that             C) which       D) in order to          E) otherwise

17.  A) too                        B) enough            C) rather       D) as                       E) even

18.  A) consideration        B) modesty          C) destiny     D) fascination        E) evaporation

19.  A) over                      B) by                    C) without    D) in                       E) through

20.  A) by themselves       B) one another    C) itself         D) themselves        E) on their own


21-23 Choose the best alternative for the English translation of each Turkish sentence.

21. Şişmanlığın başka bir nedeni, suyun vücut dokularında tutulmasıdır.

A) The retention of water in the body tissues, moreover, will cause overweight.

B) In cases of overweight, too much water is retained by the body tissues.

C) Overweight also causes body tissues to retain more water.

D) The heavier a person is, the more water is retained in the body tissues.

E) Another cause of overweight is the retention of water in the body tissues.

22. 1920’de bile uzayda en az yarım milyon galaksi olduğu biliniyordu.

A) It was in the 1920s that it was first realized that roughly half a million galaxies existed in space.

B) Even in 1920, it was known that there were at least half a million galaxies in space.

C) Before 1920 very few of the half million galaxies in space were discovered.

D) Until about 1920 very few of the half million galaxies in space had been explored.

E) At least half of the million galaxies in space were only discovered in and around the 1920s.

23. Okul binalarındaki bakım giderleri hızla artıyor ve bunları karşılayacak fonların sağlanması giderek zorlaşıyor.

A) As maintenance costs for school buildings were rising quickly, it was getting harder to find the necessary funds to meet them.

B) With the rise in maintenance costs for school buildings, it is becoming extremely difficult to get hold of funds to meet them.

C) Maintenance costs for school buildings are rising rapidly and funds to meet them are becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of

D) The rapid rise in maintenance costs for school buildings means that funds to meet them are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

E) It had got increasingly difficult to raise funds to meet the ever-increasing rise in school maintenance costs.


24-26 Choose the best alternative for the Turkish translation of each English sentence.

24. With the exception of its southwest, a large part of Afghanistan is covered by high snow-capped mountains and divided by deep valleys.

A) Afganistan’ın birçok bölgesinde olduğu gibi güneybatısında da karla kaplı yüksek dağlar ve derin vadiler büyük bir yer tutar.

B) Afganistan’da güneybatı kesimler dışındaki bölgelerin çoğunu, karlı yüksek dağlar kaplar ve derin vadiler böler.

C) Karlı yüksek dağlar ve derin vadiler, güneybatısı dışında Afganistan’ın büyük bir bölümünü kaplar.

D) Afganistan’ın güneybatısı hariç büyük bir bölümü, zirveleri karla örtülü yüksek dağlarla kaplıdır ve derin vadilerle bölünmüştür.

E) Afganistan, güneybatısının büyük bir bölümü dışında, tepeleri karlı yüksek dağlarla ve boydan boya uzanan derin vadilerle kaplıdır.

25. No one warned him about the dangers involved in mountaineering.

A) Hiç kimse ona dağcıların karşılaştığı tehlikelerden söz etmedi.

B) Ona dağcılıkta ne gibi tehlikelerle karşılaşıldığı konusunda herhangi bir uyarıda bulunulmamıştı.

C) Dağcılıkta karşılaşabileceği tehlikelerle ilgili olarak kimseden herhangi bir uyarı almamıştı.

D) Dağcılığın ne kadar ciddi tehlikeler içerdiğini hiç kimse ona söylememişti.

E) Kimse onu, dağcılığın içerdiği tehlikeler konusunda uyarmadı.

26. If this treatment does not achieve the desired effect, there are other methods we can use.

A) Bu tedavi tam olarak başarılı olmadığı taktirde, deneyebileceğimiz başka yöntemler de vardır.

B) Bu tedavi ile beklenen sonuç elde edilemezse, başka yöntemleri denemek zorunda kalabiliriz.

C) Başka yöntemlerin kullanılması bu tedavinin istenilen sonucu verip vermemesine bağlıdır.

D) Bu tedavi arzu edilen etkiyi sağlamazsa, kullanabileceğimiz başka yöntemler vardır.

E) Bu yöntemle ulaşılan sonuç beğenilmezse, diğer yöntemleri kullanmamız gerekir.


27-31 Choose one alternative that best completes the statement.

27. If you move slowly and quietly, ____________________.

A) some birds actually liked being admired

B) it’s usually quite easy to observe wildlife

C) it was very hard to get close to them

D) other animals carried on as if nothing had happened

E) it is not only the small ones that are easily frightened


28. Alligators look just like floating parts of a tree ____________________.

A) though the river was moving fast

B) if they have found something to eat

C) since there were trees by the river

D) until they open their mouths

E) that they are looking for food

29. Despite heavy rain throughout the spring season, ____________________.

A) the city is still suffering from a shortage of water this summer

B) when there were severe floods destroying a large part of the region

C) the local fruit growers no longer complain about the drought

D) it was after a long period, without a of rain for many months

E) irrigation is only necessary for a few farms where they grow vegetables

30. ____________________ which may suggest there may be life there.

A) Researchers have almost given up hope

B) There is no need to look any farther

C) New discoveries are actually very rare

D) Water has been found on Moon

E) The scheme was still being developed

31. ____________________ as it contains salt.

A) She tries to avoid such types of food

B) In polar regions glaciers frequently flow down into the sea

C) The warmer the air the more moisture it can carry

D) Snowflakes, like other forms of water vapour, nearly always possess a crystal structure

E) The sea water freezes at temperatures below the normal freezing point of water

32-33 Choose one alternative that best completes the dialogue.


Alice: _________________________________

Norman:  I’ve no idea. Perhaps she never even received it.

A) Why hasn’t she answered my e-mail?

B) Why does she always complain so much?

C) What does she do with her old books?

D) Do you think she’ll give a party to celebrate winning the race?

E) Has everyone received an invitation?


Robinson: Hello. I’m detective Robinson of the San Francisco Police Department.

Harris: Nice to meet you. I didn't do anything wrong.

Robinson: _________________________________

Harris: I’m sorry to hear that. How can I help you? I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

A) I know you didn't. I came just to see whether everything is OK here.

B) Someone was murdered in this neighbourhood. You might be able to help the investigation.

C) What were you doing at 6:30 pm the other day?

D) I just wonder if you may have any relationship with the woman who committed suicide last week.

E) Did you hear a gunshot around 8.00 yesterday evening?

34-38 Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to the given sentence.

34. Even if there isn't any external stimulus, many animals know when they will migrate and return home.

A) When they get the necessary warning outside, most animals understand that they should migrate to another place or come back home

B) In the absence of any signals from their environment, many animals still know when to migrate and when to get back home.

C) Whether they have any outer stimulants or not, many animals can perceive the right time to migrate and to head home.

D) Although some animals don't need any external stimulus to migrate, some of them need it to turn back.

E) Many animals need to get external stimuli in order to anticipate the time to migrate and come back.

35. Melissa virus was so powerful that it forced Microsoft and a number of other large companies to turn off their e-mail systems until the virus could be contained.

A) Melissa virus brought about the collapse of email systems of Microsoft and some other companies and it couldn't be held down for a long time.

B) Because of Melissa, which was a very trivial virus, several big companies including Micro- soft had to shut their e-mail systems until they managed to inactivate it.

C) A number of companies along with Microsoft failed to control the virus called Melisa when it destroyed the e-mail systems belonging to these companies.

D) The forceful Melissa virus seized the codes of e-mail systems owned by several large companies, one of which is Microsoft.

E) E-mail addresses of Microsoft and a number of other big companies faced an attack by Melissa virus, which obliged these companies to switch off their messaging systems for a while.

36. Students must be well-educated in order to become good citizens in the future.

A) So as to become good citizens, today's students need to receive a good education.

B) As long as today's students receive a good education, they will become citizens.

C) Today's students will become citizens even if they do not receive a good education.

D) Education in the future will teach students how to become citizens.

E) Today's students should not only be well-educated but also be trained in citizenship.

37. Without my sister’s help, the job would have been impossible.

A) Even though my sister was very helpful, we were still unable to complete the project.

B) Since my sister wasn’t able to give us a hand, we didn't believe we would be able to finish the job.

C) There's no way the task could have been done if my sister had not provided assistance.

D) The assignment proved quite easy even though my sister refused to give us aid.

E) Though it wasn't easy, we managed to accomplish our task without my sister’s assistance.

38. Problems never seem quite bad if we can see the funny sides of them.

A) You can solve your problems even if they seem so bad.

B) Although the problems which you face are so bad, you can see the funny sides of them.

C) If we can find something funny about our problems, they never seem so bad.

D) When we confront problems, we must laugh at them.

E) It is very important to look into the problems when you have them.


39- 47 Read the texts and choose the best alternative that answers each question.

There are quite a lot of things that are done on a daily basis by astronomers from office work to teaching at seminars or schools. If you decide that you are going to be an astronomer, these things are ones that you should be prepared for. For example, you are going to be working in an office an awful lot, which sound incredibly boring, but it is one of those things that has to be done and is part of the astronomer job description. This is where you will do the bulk of your research, and it is also where you will keep track of your institution work and your day to day work. No matter how much you try it, you are going to have to do this work eventually. You would be surprised how much paperwork can pile up as an astronomer if you don't stay on top of it. Also, knowing how to handle a computer and programming skills are a must. You will be spending a lot of time in front of one, so you might as well know how to use it.

39.  It is understood from the passage that those who want to be an astronomer ----.

A) have got to undergo a training session before they are accepted for the job

B) are quite likely to change their minds when they see an astronomer's work environment

C) need to go through certain physical and psychological phases

D) had better know that they won't make space walks only, but will spend a vast quantity of time doing the desk job

E) are advised by astronomers to review their plans about being an astronomer because of the difficulties an astronomer has to face


40. It is pointed out in the passage that ----.

A) it is impossible for astronomers to skip office work even if they try to do so

B) astronomers with a computer certificate are one step ahead compared to those who don’t have a certificate on computers

C) most astronomers would rather resign owing to heavy workload

D) being an astronomer is an increasing trend among new generation because it is a well-paid and interesting job

E) a newly recruited astronomer has to stay in office until he gets experienced enough to make space travels


41. In this passage, the author mainly tries to ----.

A) look down on people who want to be astronomers

B) inform those planning to become an astronomer about the things they will have to do

C) impose the idea that being an astronomer İs nearly impossible for ordinary people

D) draw our attention to problems of astronomers

E) show the relationship between astronomers and computer engineers

The Nobel Prize for Literature is awarded every year by the Royal Swedish Academy to an author who has published a work deemed outstanding by a committee appointed by the academy. The author must be nominated by someone who has been asked by the academy to act as a nominee. The first Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded in 1901 to Sully Prudhomme for his works of poetry. The selection process is rigorous and begins at least a year before the prize is awarded in October or November. Nominations are collected from around 1,000 people who have been asked to submit their recommendations to the committee. The winner is chosen by a committee from around 100 to 250 nominees. The committee responsible for selection consists of past Nobel Prize winners, academics, acclaimed authors, members of the academy and others. The committee begins its deliberations in February and its recommendation for a winner is sent to the academy in September or October.


42. It is clearly stated in the passage that the Nobel Prize for Literature ----.

A) used to be awarded twice a year during 1900s

B) is older than the Nobel Prize for Peace

C) was established by Sully Prudhomme

D) was claimed by the same poet for three times

E) has been given for over a century


43. According to the passage, the committee in charge of selecting the prize winner ----.

A) shouldn't involve any relatives of the candidates for the prize

B) gathers monthly by command of the academy

C) determines about 1000 nominations for the prize

D) is formed by the Royal Swedish Academy

E) contains at least one Nobel Prize winner for literature


44. The main concern of the author is to ----.

A) draw the reader's attention to the historical background of the Nobel Prize

B) give detailed information about the Nobel Prize for Literature

C) convince the reader that the Nobel Prize for Literature is awarded to authors that don't truly deserve it

D) show that the most important prize delivered in the field of literature is the Nobel Prize for Literature

E) display the changes that the Nobel Prize have seen up to date


Insects are a class of organisms that contains more than a million-known species, making it one of the most diverse known classes of organisms. There are several traits that all insect species have in common: a three-part body, a shell, six legs, two antennae, and compound eyes. There are also many differences; some, for example, move by walking while others primarily move by flying. Insect species are subdivided into many different groups based on many different traits, such as body size or the absence or presence of wings. Even with the million known insect species, scientists theorize that there could be millions more. In addition to being very diverse, insects are also extremely numerous: more than half of the organisms on Earth are believed to be insects. The study of insects is referred to as entomology, and the study of insect classification is known as systematic entomology. Entomologists are still discovering new species of insects at a very high rate. Many believe that there are still millions of species left to discover.

45. It can be inferred from the passage that ----.

A) the majority of insects move by walking while a few of them move by flying

B) insects have preserved their sizes and some other features such as compound eyes since prehistoric times

C) there are many more differences than similarities among insects

D) a three-part body is a trait owned by all flying insects

E) there might be another class of organisms as diverse as insects


46. One can understand from the passage that many entomologists ----.

A) are having difficulty in keeping up with the number of insect species, which has been increasing rapidly

B) believe that the number of insect species which have been discovered so far is less than the number of insects which have not been discovered yet

C) have been expending energy on discovering new insect species

D) would prefer to specialize in another discipline

E) were surprised to learn that there were more than one million insect species


47. The main purpose of the author is to give information about ----,


A) the diversity and classification of insects

B) the challenges entomologists face while classifying insects

C) types and traits of certain insects

D) the changes insects have been exposed to since their discovery

E) the effects of these numerous organisms on human life


48-50 Find irrelevant sentences.

48. (I) Persian is a language spoken in parts of the Middle East and Central Asia. (II) It is also known by many people as Farsi, and less commonly as Dari or Tajik. (III) In most cases, the word “Persia” today means Iran because the country of Iran formed over the heart of the ancient Persian Empire. (IV) Persian has over 60 million native speakers, with an additional 50 million speaking it in addition to their first language. (V) It is the official language of the nations of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

A) I     B) II    C) III   D) IV    E) V


49. (I) The Stone Age is divided into three segments, the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic. (II) The Paleolithic stretches from 2.6 million BC to about 20,000 or 10,000 years ago, when the Mesolithic began. (III) The Mesolithic is the period during the last Ice Age. (IV) The appearance of useful written records began around 3500 BC in Egypt. (V) The Mesolithic gave way to the Neolithic with the development of agriculture around 8,000 BC.

A) I     B) II    C) III    D) IV    E) V


50. (I) Norwegians held the first ski Jump competition in 1862, only proper since ski jumping originates as a sport in Norway. (II) Today, competitions are held all over the world, primarily during the winter. (III) The sport was historically primarily dominated by male performers, though there are some notable women jumpers. (IV) Now both men and women compete in the İnternational Ski Federation's Ski Jumping World Cup. (V) Mike Holland of the US set a world distance record in 1985 in ski jump.

A) I   B) II    C) III    D) IV   E) V


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