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Değerli Personelimiz ve Öğrencilerimiz;

Erasmus Ortağımızdan gelen duyurudur, bilgilerinize. 

OKÜ/Dış İlişkiler Birimi


Dear partners,  

As global citizens of present times, we can and we need to explore everything the humankind has to offer. The culture of a nation is one of the most interesting and beneficial things to explore as it captures the essence of their way of being and the coherence of their existence. Culture resides in the memory of the land a nation inhabits and it gracefully persists over years.  Although we cannot meet on sight these days, there are lots of aspects that Romanian culture and civilization has to present to the world, starting with the traditions, social norms and values, spiraling through food, arts, language or music. 

As a higher education institution, Babes-Bolyai University is committed to bridging cultures, to enhance knowledge and communication between people, to increase intercultural awareness, competences and harmony. To this end, the Center for International Cooperation, through the Erasmus+ Office, invites students and staff of our partner Universities to take part free of charge in this autumn programme, the aim of which is to provide insights of the Romanian culture and civilization. 

The activities will be hosted by cultural organizations` members and by highly praised University personnel- teachers and PhD candidates, tackling topics related to educational system, royal personalities, natural resources of Romania, traditions, history, business environment etc.  

The event will take place in an ONLINE format, between September 6th-10th, 2021. 

The application form is available at: and should be completed no later than September 2nd, 2021. The access link will be sent to participants, via e-mail, upon the confirmation of the registration. The contact person for the event is Mrs. Diana Cosma, reachable at the following e-mail address: 

We would be grateful if you could make this announcement available to your University staff and students and promote our event on your social media accounts.  

Kind regards,  

Diana Cosma


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