Prof.Dr. Orhan BÜYÜKALACA (Rector)

E - mail:

Phone: +90 328 825 02 02

Fax: +90  328 825 00 97


Prof. Dr. Orhan Büyükalaca was born in Kaş, Antalya in 1964. He received his BA from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Çukurova University, Turkey in 1984. After graduation, he began to work as a research assistant at the department in concern and earned his MA from Çukurova University in 1987. He obtained his PhD from the University of Manchester, UK in 1993. Coming back to Turkey, he worked as an assistant prof at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Çukurova University. He became an associate professor and professor at the same department in 1998 and 2004, respectively. He conducted plenty of research on heating, cooling, air conditioning and heat transfer and raised graduate students. He presented his works to the academic journals home and abroad. He worked as vice director and director of the Application and Research Centre, Çukurova University, Turkey, respectively. Then, he became head of the division, vice head of the department, vice dean and dean. Prof. Büyükalaca is married with two children.




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